Monday, September 22, 2008

Nigerian consortium shows interest in Newcastle

A consortium of wealthy Nigerians are planning to take over Newcastle United, according to reports in Africa.

Mike Ashley


Mike Ashley has had his fill at Newcastle.

Current owner Mike Ashley is trying to find a buyer for the ailing Premier League club, after proving unsuccessful with his initial efforts to secure a sale and Ashley has announced he wants to sell his interest in Newcastle just 16 months after staging a £134.4million takeover.

However, a Nigerian company claim they have £350million behind them - and are bidding to secure the remaining funding which would improve their chances of a successful takeover.

Chief Executive Officer of the NVA Management, Chris Nathaniel, whose company are handling the deal, wants to make Nigeria the first African country to own a Premier League club.

He told the KickOffNigeria website: ''All along I have been working hard to get wealthy and football loving Nigerian entrepreneurs to buy the club since Mike Ashley indicated his willingness to sell the club to the person, people or entrepreneurs who can meet the £400million selling price of the club.

''Right now I am happy to tell you that well meaning Nigerians have responded and the consortium of Nigerian entrepreneurs has so far contributed £350million to buy the club.

''Ashley has stood his ground that he won't sell the club until the money is raised to the asking price of £400million.

''So what that means is that we need to raise another £50million or £100million to shut the door behind the other top Arab companies who are also interested in the club.

''The Arab companies have also indicated interest and made offers - but they haven't met the asking price too.''

NVA handle Rio Ferdinand's PR and commercial interests and also arranged the pre-World Cup friendly between England and Croatia at Old Trafford in 2006. They further name Premier League wingers Wayne Routledge and Julian Gray amongst their other clients.


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